Accra | What does a trotro ride sound like?

What does a trotro ride sound like, from the minute you board one at the lorry station to your last stop?

This is a recording of one trip in Accra from Circle Station to a bus stop along Independence Avenue, en route to Marina Mall. (You might hear me and my classmate chatting every now and then, as we were waiting to depart for over twenty minutes inside the trotro!)

Details: Merri Chan Design

Merri Chan Design Details

Random update of random things!

I was in the mood to be rather creative last night, without having to be very wild about it. I have a good friend who’s a fashion designer-slash-architect and I thought it’d be great to do something Photoshop-y for her with the details she’s been posting on social media. It was a nice change to do something a bit elegant and totally pressure-free for once!

If you’re based in Manila and looking for someone who can whip up a fine dress for you for a special occasion, hit Merri Chan Design up! Her Facebook page is here and her Instagram page is here.

The Year So Far


This is to celebrate the fact that I managed to pull my 2018 target milestones off:

  1. I finally pulled my wits together and decided to leave my first ever job after almost six years, saying goodbye, ultimately, to Singapore;
  2. I pursued my plan for postgraduate studies and am fulfilled to say I am approximately two months into my masters programme of choice;
  3. I spent three months from the beginning of June to the end of August generally relaxing at home in Manila, with my family and old friends.

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Coasting | Sydney

2Whenever I think of a good day, my thoughts go back to one day in Sydney when we spent the entire ten hours of a Monday walking along the coast and encountering beach upon beach upon beach. It consisted of me thinking quite often, “Man, what I would do to be that person heading out to go surfing/yoga/reading in the sun/staring out into the sea/swimming on a Monday!”

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