Coasting | Sydney

2Whenever I think of a good day, my thoughts go back to one day in Sydney when we spent the entire ten hours of a Monday walking along the coast and encountering beach upon beach upon beach. It consisted of me thinking quite often, “Man, what I would do to be that person heading out to go surfing/yoga/reading in the sun/staring out into the sea/swimming on a Monday!”


I remember lying on the sand as I listened to music with cheap sunglasses on, trying to soak up the sun as my friends went ahead and tested the waters.


When I compare it to a lot of other days, that day was fantastic. Why can’t everyday be a glorious summer day?

2 thoughts on “Coasting | Sydney

    1. Thank you for your comment! Remembering such days is a treat.

      Btw, I love your blog. I went to Taiwan last year for a short four-day trip but it was amazing. I’ve been meaning to go back when I can!

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