The Year So Far


This is to celebrate the fact that I managed to pull my 2018 target milestones off:

  1. I finally pulled my wits together and decided to leave my first ever job after almost six years, saying goodbye, ultimately, to Singapore;
  2. I pursued my plan for postgraduate studies and am fulfilled to say I am approximately two months into my masters programme of choice;
  3. I spent three months from the beginning of June to the end of August generally relaxing at home in Manila, with my family and old friends.

While the future seems unclear as ever, I’m really, really just so proud of myself to have gathered enough confidence to start a new chapter in life! It’s tough beginning anew, especially since I’m back to student life and in a new country no less, but I generally feel lighter these days and know that I made the right decision to move on.

2017 may have been, to date, the worst, unproductive year of my life, but I’m happy 2018 so far is looking up.

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