Details: Merri Chan Design

Merri Chan Design Details

Random update of random things!

I was in the mood to be rather creative last night, without having to be very wild about it. I have a good friend who’s a fashion designer-slash-architect and I thought it’d be great to do something Photoshop-y for her with the details she’s been posting on social media. It was a nice change to do something a bit elegant and totally pressure-free for once!

If you’re based in Manila and looking for someone who can whip up a fine dress for you for a special occasion, hit Merri Chan Design up! Her Facebook page is here and her Instagram page is here.

The Year So Far


This is to celebrate the fact that I managed to pull my 2018 target milestones off:

  1. I finally pulled my wits together and decided to leave my first ever job after almost six years, saying goodbye, ultimately, to Singapore;
  2. I pursued my plan for postgraduate studies and am fulfilled to say I am approximately two months into my masters programme of choice;
  3. I spent three months from the beginning of June to the end of August generally relaxing at home in Manila, with my family and old friends.

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